How to restore full cPanel backups with JetBackup?

Before using JetBackup first we should know about JetBackup and why we use it so in this article, we’ll learn how to restore full cPanel backup with Jet Backup via some steps-

What is Jet Backup and why do we use it?

JetBackup is a leading backup solution for cPanel that allows you to quickly and efficiently back up your cPanel account via cPanel Remote or local incremental backup. This includes full account backup, files, email, DNS zones, cronjobs, databases, and SSL certificates.

How to restore full cPanel backups with jet backup?

Step 1: log in to cPanel

Step 2: Type ‘jet’ in the search bar and then click on the JetBackup option

Step 3: Here you can see that there are different types of backup options available like full backup, file backup, cron job backup, DNS zone backup, database backup and email backup but we’re to download the full backup

Step 4: Then click on Full Backups

Step 5: Click on the ‘Generate Download’ button on the date you want to backup restore

Step 6: Click “Add to Download Queue” and then click Go Back


How to add addon domain-  Click here

How to update the nameserver- Click here

Step 7: Once a full backup is completed, it will appear in the ‘Queue’ folder

Step 8: Congratulations, the full backup is complete just click on the ‘Download’ button and download it.


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