How to increase maximum upload file size from cPanel?

In this article, we’ll guide you through the below the few steps on how to increase the maximum upload file size from cPanel?

Step 1: Log in to cPanel

Step 2: Type “INI Editor” in the top right search bar and then click on the option “MultiPHP INI Editor”

Step 3: Select the domain in which you want to increase the maximum upload file size

Step 4: In MultiPHP INI Editor, you can increase the size of these ‘PHP Directive’ which are given below like-

  • upload_max_filesize    (PHP Default- 2M)
  • post_max_size                (PHP Default: 8M)
  • memory_limit                 (PHP Default: 128M)
  • max_input_time             (PHP Default: -1)
  • max_execution_time    (PHP Default: 30)
  • max_input_vars              (PHP Default: 1000)

Note:-  The maximum size for these variables (PHP Directive) is 2GB.

Step 5: Click the “Save” button if you have increased the file size you want.
Congratulations, we hope your problem is resolved regarding this. If you have any doubt please let me know in the comment box.


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