How to change your WordPress password?

If you have forgotten your password to access the WordPress dashboard, it can be very frustrating. But don’t worry, WordPress provides some options to reset or change your WordPress password. Change WordPress Password from WP-Dashboard Step 1: Log in to WordPress Dashboard   Step 2: Hover over your Admin user and then click on Edit. Step ... Read More

How to install the WordPress from cPanel?

What is WordPress? WordPress is a free, open-source platform for building websites. Speaking in more technical terms WordPress can be referred to as a Content Management System (CMS) which is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. It offers great usability and flexibility and today it powers more than 43% of the entire web ... Read More

How to enable or disable your domain registrar lock?

Before you enable or disable your domain registrar lock, you must know about the registrar lock. Why do we enable the Registrar Lock? Domain Lock is a security setting that prevents unauthorized attempts to transfer your domain to another registrar if the registrar lock is enabled then you can’t transfer your domain to any other ... Read More

How to update the nameserver ?

You can connect your domain to the hosting plan through the following steps- Step 1- Log in to your account where you purchased the domain Step 2- In the Domains section, Search the option to manage your nameservers (change nameservers) and click it Step 3- Click on Nameservers, if the nameservers are already filled, then ... Read More

How to register with Hostreek and place a new order.

We will tell you how to register a new account with Hostreek through the following steps in this article. Let’s start– Step 1-   Open your browser and type the “” Step 2-  Click the top right “register” button Step 3-  And fill your all the details like name, email address, mobile number,  address, company name, ... Read More